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Soap Molds - Tube Liner

For EASY extraction of soap from a tube mold!  Costs only about 4 cents per bar of soap!

Use this plastic tube liner inside a 3 inch PVC pipe soap mold. 
Or even use a 3 inch cardboard mailing tube as a mold!

These liners have also been used to line oval tubes made from 3 inch PVC pipe.


This liner is a 24 inch long 2-mil poly bag, heat sealed on one end.  Can be used for cold process or hot process soap.

When the soap has set, simply slide the plastic liner and soap out of the tube mold.  
Peel the plastic liner off of the soap for a smoothly finished soap log.  Yes, the soap will stick to the inside of the liner bag just like it would stick to a PVC pipe!   The advantage is  that you can peel the liner off of the soap, destroying the liner but leaving the soap nicely finished.

The liner is made of recyclable ployethelyne plastic.

Note: you should still seal the bottom end of your tube mold as usual as a precaution against accidential  leakage of poured soap.



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