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Soap Molds - Flat Liner

If time is money to you consider these liners!  Cost... about 4 cents per bar of soap for the 6 Pound Liner, less than 3 cents per bar for the 12 Pound Liner!

These liners are pre-cut and stamped, to easily fold to fit the Pound O' Soap, 6 Pound, and 12 Pound molds. 

Made of a sturdy plastic faced paper, similar to freezer paper.

This family of flat mold liners folds to fit the Chestnut Farms cardboard Pound o' Soap mold, the 6 Pound Wooden Mold, and the 12 Pound Wooden Mold.

Fold as shown below, the end tab folds/tapes over the corner folds to lock the folded corners in place.
Not intended to be reused.  The mold liner will probably be torn as you remove it from your cured soap.


flat mold liner showing pre-scored fold lines The mold liner is pre-shaped, pre-scored on fold lines.
flat mold liner, end folds done Fold ends on pre-scored lines.
flat mold liner, side folds also done Fold sides on pre-scored lines.
flat mold liner, first corner fold The plastic coated side of the paper will face the inside of the mold liner.
Form corner free-hand, or by folding around a sharp-edged square box.
flat mold liner, end fully folded Form all four corners,
the liner now folds into a rectangular box shape.

Tabs at top of both ends fold over to lock end in place.
Tape the tab in place
flat mold liner, liner inserted in mold Insert liner into mold.

Make soap!!



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